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We are the young but the wise..

With this phrase,we try to promote the philosophy of our company.
The company A. SKATHAROUDIS  was founded in 2006 entering in the market of bakery  and pastry with objective,
the right service, the sale of most excellent machines and the support of customers
with excellently organized service from technicians with experience of many years.


In our 9 years of operation and with ascendant course, we try and remain faithful in our philosophies.
The recognition of work that we make these 3 years comes from the satisfaction of our customers.

  The equipment we are importing are from international recognized production companies like RAMALHOS, SVEDA DAHLEN,  FERNETO, PABIALPA, BACKTECHNIK, INTERTECH, IRTECH, EFFEDUE, DELL 'ORO.

Skatharoudis Athanasios
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